Dr. C. Ellen Cowley MD, FAAP

Dr. Cowley has officially retired, we will miss her so much!  We wish her all the best as she now can enjoy her retirement doing all the creative things she loves to do.  Check out her farewell video below.

Dr. Cowley, a native Louisville resident, attended the University of Louisville and earned a BS in zoology and an MD degree 4 years later. She finished her pediatric training in 1980 and became the Director of Well Childcare for the Jefferson County Health Department. In 1989, she started at a staff model HMO. She co-founded All Children Pediatrics in May of 1998 to practice pediatrics "their way". Her areas of special interest in pediatrics are nutrition, breast feeding, and complimentary medicine (holistic).

Dr. Cowley is a Certified Lactation Consultant, giving us three Lactation Consultants in the practice. She is likely the only Pediatrician in Louisville so trained.

Dr. Cowley is married and enjoys cooking (we call her Martha Stewart), gardening, laying tile, sewing, and being a Pediatrician.