When can she go back to...? By Dr. John Blair

February 10, 2017
Category: Illness
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The winter months bring illness season around each year.  One of the most common questions parents ask when their child is sick is "When can she go back to school or daycare?"  It is an important question as parents need to work, but they also want their child to be healthy while not putting other children at risk for illness as well. 

While some illnesses have a specific amount of time that is recommended for exclusion, many have a more general guideline.  The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) uses a general approach that says a child should stay home with an illness if:  the illness prevents comfortable participation, the need for care is more than can be given at the facility, or it poses a risk of harmful spread of disease to others. Your daycare may have more specific guidelines and procedures so it is good to know those as well. 

As always, ask one of us for guidance on return to child care.  Also, use the AAP's recently updated article from healthychildren.org for more information.  Go to healthychildren.org in the Family Life section and search "When to Keep Your Child Home from Child Care."