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By Jenny Oberst, APRN, CLC
May 26, 2017
Category: Well Care
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I have been a Family Nurse Practitioner for almost seventeen years.  I worked at Kosair Hospital (now known as Norton Children's Hospital) for six years, prior to that as an Onocology/Renal/Transplant nurse.  I also worked at Norton Hospital while attending nursing school at the University of Louisville.  I have spent all of my professional years working with children and families.  I cannot imagine doing anything else.  But the face of healthcare and insurance and its cost has changed dramatically in my years of practice.

The ever changing dilemma of health insurance coverage for ourselves and our family affects us all.  As a mother and wife keeping up with what is covered in my plan, annual deductibles, pharmacy benefits, co-pays and in and out of network providers is a huge undertaking.  Once you think you have it down a new enrollment period is upon you and it changes again.  One thing that I am certain of is you need to understand your plan and be an advocate for yourself.  Take advantage of the programs your insurance company has in place to keep costs down, ask questions, be friendly with your health insurance representatives and ASK QUESTIONS.  With the passage of "Obamacare" a few years back one of the most beneficial components is wellness benefits for all at no or minimal cost.  This is especially important for our children as they grow.  They need to be seen at each recommended and scheduled time for Well Baby-Child/Adolescent/College Age student visits.  The importance of seeing a trusted and well informed Pediatrician/Osteopath/Nurse Practitioner/Physician Assistant is imperative for health guidance and illness prevention in our next generation of adults.  The rise in healthcare costs and a US population that seems to get less fit each year should be a concern for us all.  Our children truly are our future and how we raise them and teach them will impact who they are as adults.  I believe healthcare is a basic right but the idea that it should come without financial responsibility and accountability is a reality we likely will not see again in our lifetime.  So plan and prepare, realize that health insurance is part of a famly budget.  Here are some websites to help you begin to get informed.  A healthy mind and body is essential for us all.




http://www. kyvoicesforhealth.org




By Dr. Kathleen Maurer

It's time to schedule physicals!!!

Did you now that the Academy of Pediatrics recommends a yearly physical for all school aged children? Those who sign up to play sports or register for summer camps are required to have a physical before they can participate. When time is short and schedules are busy, it might seem convenient to stop in at the local retail clinic at your grocery store or pharmacy.  When children seem healthy, parents may wonder if it is really necessary that they schedule a yearly visit at their pediatrician's office, but there are some very good reasons why this is important:

-Your child's pediatrician or nurse practitioner is familiar with your child and has access to their medical records, including their complete medical history, immunizations, growth charts, allergies, medication, and other important information

-A yearly exam may pick up on health issues that are not always obvious, such as high blood pressure, scoliosis, a new heart murmur, a concerning skin lesion, abnormalities of growth or abnormal pubertal development

-If an abnormality is found at the yearly exam, your pediatrician is able to order labs or imaging, make referrals and arrange appropriate follow up 

 -Guidelines for yearly exams include important screenings for health problems, and age-specific discussions about topics such as nutrition, safety, body changes, risky behaviors, etc 

-Yearly exams provide an opportunity for your child to become comfortable with their physician, and less likely to be overly anxious about doctor visits in the future 

-If your child is due for immunizations these can be provided at the yearly exam

-You may have heard the term "Medical Home" which has become an important concept within this past few years. It is widely recognized that patients are likely to receive better care if they have one primary physician or group where all of their records are in one place and all of their health care is co-ordinated. 

So call early to get your children in for their physicals and get the jump on sports season!  Some families schedule their yearly physicals around the time of their child's  birthday, and others come in during the spring and summer so they will be ready for camp or conditioning for team sports. We have forms available at our office for school physicals and sports physicals. If your child needs a camp physical or if their school has their own form, please bring them in when you come. 

We look forward to seeing you!