From routine checkups to immunizations, All Children Pediatrics is equipped to handle all of your child's health needs. To help you and your family understand your treatment options, we've included descriptions of some of our leading services on this page.

We offer all major pediatric services such as Physicals, Allergy Shots, Check-Ups, Wart and skin tag removal, etc. In addition, we have on staff two Certified Lactation Consultants, Missy Hawes ARNP-C, IBCLC and Dr. Claire E. Cowley, M.D., CLC. Other services include Breast Pumps and accessories (for a fee) with instruction from our Certified Lactation Consultants, one Saturday a month the physicians meet new and expectant parents/patients. Come and meet our providers and tour the office and make sure to bring plenty of questions! For more information please call 502-244-6373.

New Procedures For Prescribing Some ADD/ADHD, Pain and Cough Medications

On July 20, 2012 Kentucky passed a law called House Bill 1 and in full effect beginning November 1, 2012.  This new law is intended to reduce the number of people addicted and dying from prescription medications in our state.  It is intended to shut down so called “Pill Mills” that distribute prescriptions and medications to those who sell or are addicted to particular classes of drugs.  These classes are Controlled Schedule II and Schedule III with hydrocodone. Some ADD/ADHD and some cough and pain medications fall into these classes .  This means that doctors now have to follow strict regulations in prescribing these medications.  It also means that we now are required to run  KASPER reports on our patients as well has having to follow new rules for receiving their medications.

In our office what that means is this:

  • Patients who are on ADD/ADHD medications that are classed as Schedule II medications, i.e., Ritalin, Concerta, Adderall, and others can only receive these prescriptions in certain intervals. If your child's prescription is written to take one pill per day we cannot refill or replace prescriptions early .
  • We will be running KASPER reports on your child as required by law.
  • We are required to perform random urine drug screens.
  • Your child must be seen every 30 days when initially starting ADD/ADHD medications until they become stable on the medication, then they must be seen every three months for continued refills.
  • The same rules apply to to any patient needing Controlled prescriptions for cough or pain.
  • Our physicians are required by law to report any suspicion of prescription abuse.
  • We are advising our patients to schedule their ADD/ADHD med check appointments in advance as fas as possible to avoid any potential problems with refills of their medications.  We also advise that parent/guardians pay close attention to the time that refills may be coming up and giving us a minimum five (5) business days notice for a refill .  Any less notice than the five (5) business days we will not be able to guarantee a timely refill, especially if the prescribing physician is not available.

For questions regarding our policies please contact our office:  502-244-6373.   For questions or comments regarding this law contact your Kentucky legislators. Click on the following link or copy and paste the link to your browser help you locate who they are and how to contact them:

Services We Offer

  • New Parent Visits
  • Well-Child Care Exams
  • Newborn Care
  • School and Sports Physicals
  • Vision and Hearing Services
  • Immunizations
  • Sick Child Diagnosis and Treatment
  • Wart and skin tag removal
  • Dietary/Nutrition Guidance
  • Lab Testing
  • Lactation/Breastfeeding Consults
  • ADHD Consults and Treatment

We also offer extended hours (early morning and evening) so patients can be seen without having to go to an urgent care center or retail clinic.    We also have a separate newborn waiting room!  Our physicians personally make visits to newborns at the hospitals and are Adjunct Professors with the University of Louisville and Norton Children's Hospital.